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Harrington Assess Ireland
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We Assess Any Vehicle With Wheels

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Harrington Assess Ireland

Harrington Assess Ireland have been in business for 30 years.  We are a company with highly trained engineers who have a lot of experience dealing with all types of vehicles including agricultural, HGV vehicles and motor bikes.


We inspect vehicles damaged as a result of road accidents, fire damage or mechanical defective vehicles. 


We can visit scenes of accidents / fire, if requested, and provide detailed reports with photographs, which can be used by you to assist your legal team should a claim arise.  This will also be vital when dealing with your insurance company.


If you have bought a vehicle recently and you are having problems with it and are getting no satisfaction from the previous owner/seller, we can inspect the vehicle, make a list of the defects and more importantly give a list of rectification work which will be of assistance to you in dealing with previous owner/seller, and can assist your legal team.


If you are purchasing a vehicle, we can carry out a pre-purchase inspection, and we will supply a detailed report to enable you to make an informed decision when buying the vehicle.

About Harrington Assessors Ltd.

Purchasing or maintaining a car is a difficult and strenuous task at the best of times. Every car owner knows how tricky it is to, firstly, find a good car and, secondly, to keep the car in good working order.


Harrington Assessors understands this plight and aims to make life easier for every single car owner out there. Based in Cork, Harrington Assessors work on any vehicles with wheels. That includes cars, motorbikes, tractors and other farming machinery. What we do with these vehicles is we inspect and analyse them for damage and defects.


While the vehicles are often ones that have been damaged, we at Harrington Assessors also carry out pre-purchase inspections on used cars. Our staff, based in Cork, venture out to scenes of accidents to inspect any damage to involved cars. We also call out to look at vehicles, both damaged and used, at the request of the customer.


Harrington Assessors, Cork, do the groundwork so you don't have to. If your car is damaged, we can assess the extent of this and tell you what measures need to be taken. This information can also come in handy for your insurance claims. If you are considering buying a used car, we can do a background search and find out the history of the car so that you, the customer, knows exactly what car you are buying.



**If you have a vehicle that needs inspecting, we can do it** 




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Harrington Assess Ireland Carrigaline

Cold Mountain Boardree Carrigaline Co. Cork P43 XY82 Co. Cork
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